Windows 8 launched

You probably haven’t been able to avoid this news today, but I thought I should mention it anyway 🙂

Windows 8 has been completed (RTM, after 1.2 billion hours of testing) since august 1 but Microsoft and their partners have been working hard to get all the apps, services and new hardware ready in time for todays big launch.

Microsoft held their launch event today on Pier 57 in New York City. If you missed it and want to watch you can find the recorded webcast here. They also arranged other launch parties all around the globe.

Here are a few screenshots from my main laptop PC:

Yes, the desktop is still there! And yes, it’s an Alienware (M17x R3) 😉

I’ve been running Windows 8 RTM on this machine, on my work laptop, and on my HTPC (along with XBMC 12), for almost six weeks now. Once you get used to the new start screen and some of the new keyboard shortcuts it works really great even on a non-tablet PC.

As a time limited offer they’re selling Pro-edition upgrades for as low as $39.99 (299 SEK) right now. And if you’re fast you can get the Media Center Pack (with DVD playback) for free.

In other news, Microsoft’s new ARM-based Surface RT tablet (running Windows RT) was also launched today!

I’ve got one on its way (can’t argue with free) and from the reviews I’ve seen it looks quite promising. All it really missing is more apps, and that will surely come. It’s Windows after all, with ~90% marketshare still. And if it’s not what I need I’ll probably get another Windows 8 tablet this winter, maybe with the new Atom Clover Trail SoC (hopefully the perfect combination of mobility and x86 compatibility).

Check out these two awesome videos featuring the Surface!

See for specs and more details. If you’re looking for reviews you can find a nice summary here. Can’t wait to get my hands on mine 🙂