Star Wars: The Old Republic going Free-to-Play this week

On thursday nov 15 SWTOR will add a new Free-to-Play option. More info here and in their FAQ.

They are also launching game update 1.5 this week. The update includes:

I’m really looking forward to HK-51 and nightmare mode for EC! Some of those cartel market items look very nice too! (my Sith Assassin has his eyes on the Sith Meditation Throne mount…)


New TouchPad drivers with support for Windows 8 gestures

Synaptics has just released version 16.2.21 of their TouchPad drivers for Windows. The big news is support for Windows 8 gestures, like edge swipe, to make it easier to control Windows on PCs without a touchscreen.

More information on the TouchPad drivers and “Synaptics Gesture Suite” can be found here.

Download the new drivers here.

Logitech also support these gestures in their latest SetPoint drivers.

If you have a stationary desktop PC then be sure to check out Microsoft’s new “touch mice” that can also be used to control Windows 8 by gestures!

Another great tip for navigating Windows 8 with a keyboard is to learn at least some of the new keyboard shortcuts (using the Windows-key). The Verge has a nice guide on both gestures and keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft’s latest OS.